Week 12 (2016) -Growth Mindset v. Fixed Mindset

Do you have a Growth Mindset? When you fail at something, do you feel bad about yourself, or do you recognize that you’ve just learned something new? If you have a Growth Mindset, you will take on challenges because you believe that if you fail, you can try again. This week, our heroes were challenged to look at their failures as an opportunity to learn. Each hero was asked where he/she failed, and what areas could be challenged even more. I challenge you to embrace the Growth Mindset this week, and to try something difficult with the expectation of learning something new!

Some powerful discussion topics this week  included:
  • What sparks your curiosity?
  • When deciding if your writing is excellent work, is it the most helpful to ask yourself if it is your best or to look at examples of published work?
  • What are ways that you can improve your goal-setting? Your time management?
  • What does it mean to be a “steward” of something?
  • When persuading someone, are words, tone, or body language the most important aspect of communicating?
In addition to working on their session goals this week, our heroes participated in challenges that would prepare them to deliver a persuasive speech at our next exhibition. Some of these challenges included looking at examples of published speeches, communicating thoughts non-verbally (only using body language), participating in several mini-debates, and reviewing basic writing skills such as sentence formation, paragraph structure, and word choice.
It was great to talk with each of your families this week after school! Thanks for your continual partnership on this learning adventure! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ?
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