Week 11 (2016) – The Power of Persuasion

At Journey Academy, we believe that each hero possesses gifts, talents, and interests that can be used to change the world. Our newest quest, The Power of Persuasion, encourages our heroes to persuade others with these gifts, talents, and interests. Our heroes will be exploring a problem relevant to a unique interest, and will deliver a speech that persuades others to take some sort of action.

Some discussion topics that came up this week include:
  • What is the difference between persuading someone and manipulating someone?
  • Is it more powerful to use pathos (emotion), logos (logic), or ethos (character credibility) to persuade someone?
  • Is it better to persuade someone for individual gain or for communal gain?
  • If you have the power to solve a problem, is it bad not to do anything about it (passivity)?
In addition to launching our new quest, heroes have also set new session goals for themselves. Due to the shorter session period, most heroes decided that they wanted to set larger goals that would help them make significant progress towards one badge (versus setting multiple smaller goals towards lots of badges).
Next week, our heroes will each be explaining their session goals and the progress they are making at our student lead conferences.
A few other highlights this week were:
  • Writer’s workshop was lead by one of our older heroes. This hero did a wonderful job guiding other heroes by asking questions (versus giving answers).
  • 2 guest heroes visited the studio space today! Our heroes welcomed them and did a wonderful job explaining how things work at Journey Academy.
  • Our heroes earned a pajama day for remembering not to ask any questions before trying a solution independently.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ❄⛄
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